MJ Global Corp is a distributor of Korean foods and products in the Philippines. A company which was established to promote Korean foods and products not only for Korean but also to Filipinos. MJ Global Corp distributes different types of Ice cream.

One is Melona a Korean ice cream comes in a stick with different flavors such as mango, banana, strawberry, melon, and mango. Melona is a product of Binggrae one of the Korean food brand partner of MJ Global Corp. Second is Encho Bar a Korean ice cream and product of Binggrae that has chocolate Coated Vanilla Ice Cream Bar with Chocolate Filling and product of Binggrae the Korean food brand partner of MJ Global Corp. Another is Cledor a Korean ice cream that comes from cone and has a lot of flavors like almond, espresso, and cookie and cream. These are some of the popular Korean ice cream in Korea that MJ Global Corp is introducing here in the Philippines and currently booming in the country. So if you are planning to put up a business for Korean food and products let MJ Global Corp be your supplier because MJ Global Corp will give you the best of the best Korean foods and products.