Davaoeños experienced the taste of Korea last September 30, 2016 at NCCC Mall Davao Supermarket Activity Area as they enjoyed the style and grace of Korean Cuisine with their freebies. K-Pop lovers took pictures with our Korean-inspired costumes and outfits while trying out games patterned after Korean Culture.

NCCC Shoppers were fascinated by the delicious traditional and modern dishes of Korea prepared by their Korean visitor- Ms. Hyoyoung Kwon, as she showed how to cook the iconic Korean Street Food called Tteobokki-- a spicy rice cake made with three colors cheese ricecake, onions, carrot, mushrooms and cabbage all cooked in a spicy gochujang-based sauce. The Cooking Demo activity was also witnessed by MJ Global Corporation's Sales Director, Mr. Winston Uychutin together with CEO & President, Mr. Dong Min Shin. NCCC Mall also held a spicy noodle challenge. Contestants challenge is to eat a spicy Samyang Buldak Bokkeum Big Bowl instant ramen. It was indeed a wonderful cultural experienced!

Now, Davaoeños can get the Korean prducts that we only see in our beloved TV series. From seasonings, flavorful sauces, beverages such as Acafela coffee, Jeju Aloe Juice, Jeju Mandarine Juice and Samdasco water, insanely popular noodles and even Melona Ice Cream and assorted frozen novelties. Kamsahamnida to all the Davaoeños especially to the K-Pop lovers who joined this event.