MJ Global is honest. 
MJ has provided the best services and products at a reasonable price except the bubble of imported price, and is going to supply the large quantities of products at a fair price in the future.
  MJ Global progresses differentiated promotions.
It is not the publicity and promotion of Korean companies in existing framework. Depending on what the products are promoted with the enthusiasm and delicacy only MJ Global owns, an appropriate promotion strategy leads to the best results.
MJ Global Corp. is a sister company of ASSI Phils Trading Corp. which was established in 2011 as the first Korean food distributor in the Philippines. While the ASSI Phils Trading Corp. essentially focuses on the Korean community, MJ Global Corp. targets the local market more. Thus, we cater to clients who are not only based in Korean communities, but also to local and Filipino retailers. Our service provides Korean foodstuff to major department stores like Puregold, SNR, NCCC Mall, Landmark, and Rustan’s major supermarket chain, Shopwise, nationwide. We also do business with top retailers in regional areas outside of Metro Manila to supply goods to hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.
Located in the center of Manila, we continue to deal with the fast pace of changes in the food merchandising & retailing industries. Within a few years, MJ Global Corp. has set up an advanced marketing system to develop specialized and effective food distribution systems.
Our mission is to provide the most efficient service and share the uttermost quality products in Korea to the Filipinos. Ultimately, we strive to be the Local Market leader/importer/distributor/supplier of all Korean products here in the Philippines. As one of the leading Korean foods distributors, we have always supported healthy lifestyle and promoted rich Korean food cultures to all. We will keep our motto which is to be a responsible ambassador in the community who will convey a positive impression about fresh Korean foods stuffs.
We are determined to continue supporting the needs of the Korean community here in the Philippines and also for the Filipino who loves to eat authentic spicy and very delicious Korean foods. In terms of social responsibilities, we aim to establish a successful relationship with the local communities by contributing part of our profits into social programs in the area where we are present.